Our History


102_5121St. Luke’s has been standing tall at this present location for more than 156 years. St. Luke’s U.M.C. was first organized in March 5, 1860. The building was dedicated on July 25, 1869. Unfortunately, a major catastrophe struck when the church building was burned to the ground on the night of January 12, 1893.

Fortunately, the people went to work immediately to erect a better building. In July 8, 1894 the present stone structure was dedicated. It’s an emblem of resilience and dedication of the St. Luke’s members all through the generations.

In a history of St. Luke’s Church its stained glass windows (especially its rose windows) must be mentioned. There are three circular windows each measuring 15 feet in diameter.

One of which is called the Peace Window, paying tribute to our Soldier-President U.S. Grant, a frequent visitor to the church and a summer resident to the shore.

The Pastors of St. Luke’s102_5140
Joseph Chattle 1860
Joseph Atwood 1861
John Heisler 1863
Charles Heisley 1864
R.M. Stratton 1865
J.B. Gnaw 1868
Joseph B. Dobbins 1871
Henry M. Brown 1872
C.S. Vancleve 1875
George Maddock 1876
Charles R. Hartranft 1878
John R. Wilson 1879
James Moore 1880
Richard Thorn 1883
Ananise Lawrence 1885
George Reed 1886
John R. Westwood 1891
H. Ridgley Robinson 1895
W.P.C. Strickland 1897
Edmund Hewitt 1899
John Handley 1901
Joseph G. Reed 1907
George H. Neal 1910
John Y. Dobbins 1912
Frederick B. Harris 1914
L.E. Lennox 1918
John Handley 1919
W. Elwell Lake 1921
Henry M. Lawrence 1929
Carlton H. Van Hook 1932
Neal D. Kelly 1933
James E. Wagner 1937
G. Ernest Thomas 1940
Ira S. Pimm 1942
David G. Evans 1946
Paul A. Friedrich 1948
James S. Mcgowen 1958
J. Courtney Hayward 1960
E.O. Megill 1967
Sherman Robinson 1980
Fred Bowen 1982
Frank S. Robinson 1986
Dr. Ki Jong So 1991
Darryl D. Duer 1994
Hampton L. Williamson, Jr. 1997
Cecelia S. Logan 2000
Sunny M. Shim 2001
Jungrea Chung 2012
Richard Romero 2016

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